Documentary Inspiration

As documentaries are grounded in true stories, they can inspire in a way fictionalized films can’t. The emotional impact can be more thrilling than any blockbuster because they’re based on facts, which explains their appeal. Here are the few documentaries that I have researched that I have been inspired by:

The Cove

Psihoyos and Barry assemble a crack team to infiltrate and record the goings-on. They gather world champion free divers to plant underwater cameras and microphones. They get Industrial Light and Magic to craft hidden HD cameras in realistic boulders and shrubbery. It is very inspirational and the cinematography within it amazes me!

My Flesh and Blood

Part inspirational, part heartrending. Jonathan Karsh’s documentary follows Susan Tom, a super-mom who adopted 11 kids, all with disabilities. It’s essentially a treatise on selflessness; somehow, the woman is able to devote, voluntarily and mostly complaint free, her entire life to the care of these children. This definitely makes you think how lucky you really are to live the live that you do.


Heatherington and Junger follow the platoon from deployment.  It’s horrible and hilarious, touching on so many levels. These guys are soldiers. These are boys, these are men with families who risk getting killed every day.

Particle Fever

Although this particular documentary isn’t as heart warming and touching as those above. If you have ever questioned the intelligence of mankind then this documentary shows you how brilliant we really are as the researches from CERN look to uncover the building blocks of our universe. It is based on scientology which isn’t something i’m normally interested in however is so interesting!

I particularly like the way in which the cove uses a variety of different locations in the documentary. I would like to use locations within my documentary like it does in the cove as I think it would suit the atmosphere that I’m trying to create.


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