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Screen grabs of a documentary cover advertisement

Why have I chosen them?

I have chosen these 6 documentary cover advertisements as they are all individual in their own ways, exploring different subject matters. All of the above advertise their whole documentary within one photo that the audience are able to interpret.


I like the way in which the lighting has the affect within this advertisement. The contrast to the person and the sky shows freedom and opportunity. The photo is a metaphor for space, as there is so much of it. The use of a low angle shot shows possible status of the person that is on top of the building, allowing us to interpret what the documentary is going to be about. The use of the white lettering placed over the top of sky makes the lettering extremely bold and basic which may affect the documentary.

The Testimony

The use of the unsaturated background signifies an oppressive, sad or perhaps angry emotions within the documentary. This may be something that I use if the person or people reflects subject matters that reflect this.

Species of the Shoah

The use of a photograph in this particular poster is unconventional for typical posters. The use of the lighting within this photo is used for effect here, the way it is strobed against his face. The basic lettering coloured in white and yellow reflects well with the shadow and is bold on the poster.

Last day of freedom

This particular poster is again, very unconventional. Instead of a photo, it looks as if it was drawn which creates a basic, yet bold meaning behind the documentary. The way in which the white background reflects the black drawing is extremely eye catching and reflects well.

Our Curse

This poster shows shape between the two characters, which sets up a clear narrative for people that are interested in watching the documentary. This is something that I may use in my documentary ancillary- Not quite the same idea but creating a narrative that overviews the whole documentary.

Photographic memory

This is one documentary poster that caught my eye as I like the way in which a photograph is used, which is clearly quite old; placed within the right hand corner. This suggests clear age differences that will show throughout the documentary and again, shows clear narrative. The lighting in the background is filtered which again suggests that this was filmed in a previous age.


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