Main Task Research: Audience

Who is the target audience?

I am currently unclear on who my target audience should be as this type of documentary is being created for awareness and heartfelt subjection. In order to be able to make a clear target audience I have picked 3 different target audiences and give a brief of my coursework ideas. From this, I am able to receive audience feedback on the pitch and identify a pattern overall.

My 3 target audiences are:

  • Middle aged (30-40 year olds)
  • Youth (16-25)
  • Elderly (50-70+)

I will update this blog post with the results and methods on how I am going to do this throughout my stages of the research.

First pitch

Put together a questionnaire for which audience is most likely to watch a subject specific documentary- this will be representative if I use a wide audience.

Second pitch

Making them watch a documentary and comment on the significance of the documentary and what they like, dislike about it.

Third pitch

Statstics- looking at the online data on who is more likely to watch a documentary and which subject matter would suit each age group



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