Main Task Research: Genre

In order to film a successful documentary, the codes and conventions of the genre must be perfect in order to keep the viewers interested. I have done a lot of research on genre as this is the category I think would be very underestimated, therefore here are a few important factors that a documentary genre includes:


414e06f362d54a6886137a3724bcbd3c.pngInterviews: the subject is framed either to the left or right of the screen usually in close up or medium close up, can be big close up rule of thirds applies eye line is a third of the way down the frame
Interviews: static, on a tripod interviewee sat still on a chair light source in front of interviewee

Archive material•

Still images – used to anchor what the narrator or interviewee is talking about• Can be camera movement as well to anchor what the narrator or interviewee is talking about• Chromakey, of green screen can be used and this will show moving images, still images or footage of films, programmes or games to signify relevance to the topic or again, anchor speech


The mise-en-scene always relates to the interviewee or subject.• This is done to further emphasise what the audience is hearing and seeing and to make the subject matter or interviewee reference clear and understandable

Vox Pops•

Vox Pops (or vox populis) means, voice of the people•interview shots and shows members of the public or relevant interviewees . This is done at the start or through the beginning of a documentary.•

Usually two lines – Name Relevance- As above, the top line is bigger than the bottom line.

Sound•Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.48.37 pm.png
Music is often used
relevant to the topic.

For example, if the documentary was about a specific music artist, their music would be used throughout• However, copyright clearance must be on all songs used in a documentary to avoid legal issues


Mainly cuts are just used to separate scenes and parts of the documentary.•

In regards to our production, I would like to try and include absolutely everything with in the blog post as otherwise it would not appeal towards the target audience that we are aiming for and it would not fit the genre. I will be using this blog post as a type of tick list in order to create a successful documentary genre’d film. 


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