Main Task Research: Form

A form is an individual medium (for example; newspaper, television, web-page)- ‘the type, content or communication used to create content, therefore for my coursework our form would be documentary. A documentary consists of or based on official documents.
“documentary evidence of regular payments from the company”. Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject. In terms of the ancillary, the first task I have chosen is a double page spread therefore this would be classed as a form. Whilst my other ancillary, is a newspaper spread.

Here are 5 primary styles of a documentary production:

  1. frame-lgThe Observational Mode
  2. The Participatory Mode
  3. The Reflexive Mode
  4. The Poetic Mode
  5. The Performative Mode
  6. Framing Your Do

In regards to our research, the documentary production in which I would like to use is the participatory mode as I would like to make the documentary an observational documentary as again, it is probably the most analyzed mode of them all. The form is also referred to as cinema verité, direct cinema or fly-on-the-wall documentary which interests me in the subject matter of ageism that we are going to do. 


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