Main Task Research: Documentary Analysis of BAR

BÄR- A documentary by Pascal Floerks

Click here to see the documentary

Throughout the documentary, Pascal Floerks uses camera, sound, mise en scene and editing in order to create a nostalgic feel about the information being passed towards the audience. This documentary in particular uses a comedic overlay within the storyline in order for the documentary to not be generic.

In the first scene, Pascal Florerks uses camera in a unconventional way to what a documentary normallyScreen Shot 2016-07-19 at 09.29.32 would. Using filtered, photos placed within a wipe transition creates a metaphor of age to the story being told. This also is placed alongside a major key, soprano piano that also creates a nostalgic, slow but calming feel towards what is being seen on screen.  The sound is mainly a voiceover and the non diegetic piano. This is interesting as the timing of the voice over and wipe transition as well as the key notes within the sound all overlay each other as the timing creates an almost introduction to the next scene. In terms of the mise en scene throughout, here we can see the decor of the house is very much vintage. We are able to see this due to the props of the old analogue television, the design of the table and chairs- stereotypically flower designs are associated with vintage fashion. In order to recreate this for our documentary, we will have to include codes in which would be placid within that time period creating higher levels of surface realism.

The mode of address is sentimental and heartfelt, eternising the grandson as the creator really helps the audience connect with the story as its told through his eyes, which ideally is a sentimental viewpoint (especially as we can clearly see his grandson looks up at the granddad). This is one idea that I would like to inspire my documentary as I feel as if as long as the story is good and you have photo evidence in order to back it up then you are able to make a successful documentary. I also like the idea of the fade to blacks when a dangerous and harming subject is being brought up- for example; within this documentary when the grandson is talking about the granddad shoot a cat as he was believed it was harming the plants. This part is quite significant as the use of the gun sets up the next few scenes within the documentary, its vital so when he goes onto the subject of his granddad in war and being a nazi, then killing everybody within his past- it doesn’t come as a shock to the audience as we already have a ideology about his personality.


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