Main Task Research: Importance Of Lighting

In order to create a successful documentary, lighting is one aspect that myself and Joe need to concentrate a lot on. When it comes to making videos and documentaries, your lighting makes a bigger difference in the quality of your finished product than what kind of camera you use. In fact, a cheap camera with great lighting will produce a better looking shot than an expensive camera with terrible lighting.

Lots people think if they get a high quality camera, then all their videos will look great. Not necessarily so.

There’s no doubt about it, bad lighting marks a video as the work of an amateur.

Here is a youtube video I found for research:

I think that in order to make ours very successful, Joe and I will need to be careful as well as include the following things

  • Close ups are well lit
  • Background is lit up
  • Natural lighting
  • White Balance is perfect



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