Update: Blogging Log


As we are now back into school, Joe and I have taken time into consideration and have made a small tick list on all blogposts we need to do and when we need to do them by, here is what we have put onto the list so far:


  • Target audience- interviews and questionnaires
  • Types of documentary most used shots
  • Lighting
  • Structure script
  • Who we will interview
  • Practise interview promps onto other mini interviews
  • Test shots- one for lighting, one for shot types
  • Order of shots within the documentary


  • Story boarding
  • Filming dates
  • Evidence of talking to our interviewees

Main Task

  • Equipment
  • Shot list
  • Test shots- final draft
  • Prompts
  • Audience feedback
  • Acting on the audience feedback


  • Comparing our final documentary with a real one
  • What went well, What we could improve upon




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