Target Audience Research

In order for us to establish a target audience that is perfect to fit our documentary, we will have to do a variety of activities to collect the data we need.

Step 1

Questionnaires: We will give a wide age area the chance to fill in our questionnaires based around their favourite types of documentaries and what they would prefer to see within our specific documentary. We will be handing these out to different age groups, but will be mainly focusing on these age groups:

  • Young adults (18-25)
  • Middle aged (25-50)
  • ‘Elderly’ (50-70+)

When we receive all the feedback back, I will be making a pie chart of each question to see the overall percentage for each question and then take the results from there to decide what Joe and I will be doing in our documentary.

Step 2

Live feedback: We will be filming 3 different people, both female and male from the 3 categorised areas and seeing their reaction onto the documentary of BAR. Although this isn’t the quite the same as the documentary we are aiming to do, it allows us to grab a feel of what they like about it and what they don’t therefore will be filming their positive and negative reactions to the documentary. We are showing it because it withdraws a nostalgic audience which something we want to do in our documentary, and it also puts a comedic feel onto it, as the main character is shown as a metaphoric bear.

Step 3

Statistics: looking into target audiences of TV shows and documentaries that follow a similar subject matter to ours, and again show the overall result of them and see if we can compare to our questionnaire results.


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