Main Task Research: Target Audience Feedback 1

Myself and Joe had put up a online questionnaire that we got different audiences to fill in so that we could correlate a general overview of which audiences want to see. Throughout the video you will see the questions and overall responses that were given.

Here is the short analysis of the feedback:


Overall we can conclude from this, that a lot of people are not interested in the typical documentaries that have been posted on tv. From this, Joe and I need to make sure that our documentary appeals to everybody and goes against the typical conventions of a documentary, to make it more interesting. One way we will do this is by making sure our documentary isn’t just “talking heads” but instead a dynamic interaction between the interviewees as well as using a wide range of shots to entice our audience.

As we can tell by some questions, the elderly have a bad representation in the media, this is one aspect we want to take from our research as the elderly are seriously under represented; only presented in stereotypes and not realistically. What we hope to do is show people that their preconceptions about the elderly are wrong and need to change as well as acknowledging that some stereotypes are true.


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