Main Task Research: Sound Analysis

When viewing a documentary, I think that the most important aspect to create a overall feel is the way in which the background music reflects the overall emotional response for it. For example; if the documentary content is happy and he music is in major key, it makes the audience feel uplifted and positive. Or if the documentary is sad and has also been placed within a minor key music style, then the documentary creates a depressive or nostalgic emotional responce.

Here I have looked below at 3 different types of background music within a documentary and have done a short analysis of it in order to see which works best with what.

Documentary 1:  link here

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 11.36.27.png

Short analysis

  • Minor key music
  • Goes along with the dialogue- as soon as the dialogue builds, so does the music.
  • Volume changes- seems to get louder as the dialogue intensifies
  • 2:06 music changes to major key and uplifting
  • instruments used- violin and piano

The emotional response behind this makes the documentary feel a lot more dramatic and like it is targeting you specifically. The more the documentary builds structure, the more the music builds and I personally think this is one aspect that I would like to place within my final documentary.

Documentary 2: click here

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 11.44.23.png

Short analysis

  • The music starts before the dialogue does
  • The music throughout is minor key
  • The main instruments used are piano and violin, again creating a sad and nostalgic feel
  • The music within this documentary is a lot more faded out throughout the short documentary- this makes the dialogue feel a lot more important than the emotional response that they want to create.
  • 3:30 is where the music fades out, onto a deeper, minor key tone. This works particularly well alongside the dialogue as again it creates a emotional response.
  • As soon as the boy stops walking, the music builds up and then fades out

I like the way in which the music is a lot less important within this documentary, however creates a significant affect on the way in which we view the overall message. As in this documentary, the music is minor key, this allows us to straight away almost come down a level in order to understand the problems behind divorce.

Documentary 3: Click here

( this is a more facial documentary as it is about Jack The Ripper)

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 11.50.20.png

Short analysis

  • Music faded in and out throughout the whole documentary
  • Music type switches between major and minor key depending on what is said
  • There is a lot of abrupt endings and building tension.
  • A organ is used, this creates a emotional response and questioning of the viewer.
  • This documentary is slighting different as this is mainly factual, therefore there is a lot more sound affects and cutaways that go alongside the music and dialogue

Whilst this documentary is very facial and isn’t the way I want to go with my documentary, I like the way in which the dialogue again builds the tension of the music. Also I like the way in which the sound affects are used alongside the dialogue, this is one aspect that Joe and I may use in our documentary as it makes the documentary look a lot more facial and less ‘fake’.




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