Ancillary 2: Analysis of Documentary Posters

I will be analyzing more posters for the documentaries in this post, more specifically for documentaries following a sentimental meaning. For the analysis, I will be analysing posters in which I have never seen before so I can see the conventions added to it without relating it to the actual documentary.



This poster is very broad to what might be involved within the documentary. Despite the name of the documentary being ‘Darwin’ that may be a possible name, we cannot have relations to what it is about. The setting is very sparse and dull, this may have connotations to the documentary being sad and stimulate what it is actually about. The location the photo is taken seems very dry, this may suggest the documentary is set in an area that is mainly bare and has no community, for example: some places in Western Texas.

The lettering of the poster is very bold and eye-catching. The author may have done this so it is clear that the documentary is about a main character called Darwin, however, it may relate to the location that the setting behind the lettering is in. The title looks very simple, I would say the font used is Arial as it is sleek and bold. This is something that I may do in my documentary poster as it is very eye-catching and jumps straight to the point of the documentary.

In terms of target audience, I would say that the poster aims more towards an older audience as its colour scheme is very bland and wouldn’t be the best poster to attract a childlike audience. I think that the actual documentary must reflect the colour scheme choices.

If a tree falls


Similarly, this documentary poster uses the same faded colour scheme as the poster I looked at previously. With this one in particular, the name corresponds with the image straight away, quite obviously ‘a tree falls’ is shown by a tree damaged and cut down with a mysterious character on top of it. You can see that the tree is very damaged by what looks like branches and logs throughout the background.

The setting looks like it is based within a forest, which is faded out by what we would assume is fog. This typically occurs on a cold day or if the area the picture is set in, is high up in the woods. The character is dressed casually, what looks like jeans and a blue hoodie. This may suggest that the documentary evolves around a teenager within a woodland.

As for titling, the lettering is again, very bold and bland. This seems to be a common occurrence throughout all documentaries in order for viewers (or where the documentary is advertised) to straight away notice what the documentary is about. This poster in particular differs to the last one in which I looked at, it states a tag line of ‘A story of the earth liberation front’, this was not in many that I looked at. I may use this idea within my documentary but as a quotation within the production. This automatically suggests and states what the documentary is about, again, engaging people to watch it.


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