Documentary Analysis of Following Heart- The Artist

Whilst the other documentaries I have analysed have been very professional and serious, I have decided to analyse this self-made youtube short documentary. The following heart is based upon an idea that women are able to do what they’re passionate about using the social media of Skype.

So without further ado, here is my short analysis of this documentary:


  • Starts of showing different aspects of a womens face- the dialogue links with the photos here
  • Close ups are used to show the women painting- again linking alongside to the dialogue
  • Mid shot is used in almost every single other shot- this shows the women painting and aims to focus on her hands more than anything
  • Hand held camera is used to show that the documentary suggests relaxation
  • Pans are used when Skype is introduced into the documentary- this allows the audience to see the socialising whilst Lesley is painting her
  • Long shots are used to show location


  • Cuts are used regularly to show the links between the making of the paint to actually painting the photo
  • The pace of cuts vary depending on what Lesley is doing
  • Shot reverse shot is used when painting to Lesley’s emotion to show determination


  • Non diegetic major key music is used for the audience to feel an uplifting emotion when watching the documentary
  • The non-diegetic music is typically piano and guitar
  • Dialogue is used alongside the camera shots to show context
  • The dialogue is done in first and third person- you are allowing to hear Jacks voice of him telling the story.
  • The music tells the story within this documentary- shows whether the documentary is going through a sad moment or a happy moment


  • Location- within the home, covered in arts and crafts which suggests that Lesley Watts is passionate about what she is doing
  • Her clothing is conventional, almost stereotypical as it is bright orange and white, a lot of typical artists dress in colour to show their personalities

What can I take from this?

I particularly like the way in which this short documentary is made almost into a short film, this is one aspect that I would like to withdraw into my final piece as I feel like this is very unconventional but taking that risk has made this so successful and withdraws a huge audience range.


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