Main Task Research: Documentary Analysis of Sundown

Click here to watch the documentary

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.25.36 pm.png

Whilst the other two documentaries I have analysed are mainly based upon war and a metaphor figure, I have chosen to analyse Sundown as it is based upon a first person perspective on a disease that many will not know even exists. Xeroderma Pigmentosum is a inherited skin disease in which children are born with and this is where they are severely allergic to sunlight. I chose to analyse this particular documentary as it is informative, which is one aspect Joe and I want to include within our documentary as we want to raise awareness.

Short Analysis


  • Mainly based upon close ups to show emotion
  • Hand held camera is used for affect
  • Mid shots are used to show the kids having a good time- again touching on emotion
  • Focused on facial expressions- showing emotion and attracting


  • Cuts are used throughout to change the setting whilst the narrative is being explained
  • When cuts aren’t used, continuous shots are used to create a 360 degree affect on the documentary
  • STS is used to show emotion within this documentary, this is really important when talking about such a unique story 


  • Natural setting 
  • Mainly filmed at night- reflecting the whole context of the film
  • Clothing of all characters show that this family is conventional as they’re dressed relaxed


  • Diegetic sound> speech and dialect 
  • Ambient noise in the surroundings

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