Planning: Test Shot Evidence

17.10.16-> filming our test shots. For this, we used our initial shot set ups to try and get a successful conclusion. (test shots will be uploaded at a later date)

Camera and Sound swaps between Joe and I- each specific will be on each blogpost

Things that went well:

  • Organisation 
  • We communcated really well-> we saw the weaknesses and made the necessary improvements 
  •  Timing ->didn’t spend too long, got on it well
  • Responding well with feedback

Things to improve upon

  • Space that we film in- had to move stuff around and change the spot in which we was suppose to film in
  • Questions and prompts could be more specific 


Here a slideshow showing proof that we was filming and showing the set up we used:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We changed the way in which we filmed throughout the whole filming process, however I decided to film a short time lapse showing some of the filming process of which Joe and I was sorting out the camera and lighting.

The time lapse



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