Planning: Test Shot 1

The way in which I have decided to do my test shots is in a variety of different camera angles and mic movement in order to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, never the less, here is test shot one:

Camera: Amy

Sound: Joe

Here we decided to ask some very vague questions and see what stories would come out of asking them. Although this test shot is primarily short, we got some rather interesting stories behind the interviewee’s background.

What went well

  • Mid shot was very well focused and in line with the background- the mid shot allowed the audience to see the facial expressions that the interviewee pulled
  • The communication went particularly well
  • I particularly like the way in which you could hear Joe asking the questions as it allows the audience to connect with the interviewee as they know the context of the conversation completely.

What we need to improve upon

  • The sound is very grainy 
  • The mise-en-scene of the shot was awful- in our final I would prefer to have the background unfocused and mainly focused on the face of the interviewee
  • The questions were too vague to strike a reaction out of the interviewee, he wasn’t able to bring up a long story or response that triggered any other stories- this caused a short reaction and a non-interesting response. 


From this first shot test, we have seen a problem in the way in which we conducted our questions as they were too broad and didn’t allow any room for explanation and the interviewee to explain and adapt any other stories. I’m glad that we saw this problem and decided to change the angle of documentary we were aiming for.


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