Planning: Test Shot 2

As our last test shots, we saw a clear failure in the way we aimed to do it. This particular shot we have changed the interviewees to 2 people having a casual conversation with the lead to bring up any opinion that they liked. Here is test shot 2:

Camera and sound: Joe

The main context of this particular test shot was a lot more casual and continuous. The main meaning behind what was talked about was how different generations differ their opinions towards childhood. As both I and Davies have sociological opinions on both these matters, we was able to create a very keep conversation that became particularly interesting when watching it back.

What went well:

  • Camera shot type- mid shot showing both interviewees therefore you’re able to see emotion and the body language of them
  • The dialogue flowed very well- there was disagreements and agreements which would allow the audience to make a judgement on whose they agree with and who they don’t (making it more interesting)

What to improve upon

  • Sound- again, the sound is very grainy
  •  Lighting needs to be more pointed towards both characters 
  • Location is very plain and as you can see, the board doesn’t look straight within the shots

From this second shot test, we have seen a problem in the way in which we conducted the lighting and camera positions as they aren’t on point and creating the image that I would like to create. As well as again the sound is quite off putting as it is very grainy and the background noise sounds horrible. These are 2 clear learning platforms Joe and I will need to avoid when beginning to film our finals as we will lose a huge amount of marks on our documentary as typically, lighting- camera angles and sound are 3 huge factors of the documentaries.


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