Planning: Mic Test

Before Joe and I began to film, we decided to do a short mic test too see which location of the mic would work the best when editing. From this, we can have a clear understanding of what to avoid and what to do for definite when we come to film our final.

Here is the short mic test:

Camera and Sound: Amy


Test 1: We decided to place the mic above the camera to see how saturated the background would sound. Here you can immediately see that the background voice is very corrupt and grainy which puts the audience off hearing what Joe is actually saying. This would be something we would try and avoid in our final as it makes the documentary unprofessional and sound very bad quality.

Test 2: This is where we decided to place the mic slightly above Joe’s head, just out of shot. As you can with this one in comparison to the last shot, the background noise isn’t as bad as it was in the last shot, however you can still hear the muffled background noise. Although this mic test was more successful than the last, I still would avoid this in our final as again, it makes the whole documentary very low quality.

Test 3: We then decided to place the mic below Joe, this was directly below his face but again out of shot so nobody can see. The volume of this shot is automatically very loud as it is the closest the mic has gotten to go. Although again, this is more successful than the other two, you can still hear the grainy background noise. I would say that this was the most successful angling with the mic however we still need to practise to get this right.



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