Main Task Research: Audience and Institution Identification

The channel in which Joe and I have decided to place our documentary on is Channel 4. After looking into audience and institution, we established that our documentary hits the criteria for channel 4 as it is:

  • Authenticity; the ideas reflect the real world in a way that feels genuine and authentic
  • Freshness; something in the proposal that is genuinely new, it says something about society now and tells a story that has not been told before
  • Innovation; something about the boldness of proposition
  • Compelling storytelling; likely to be gripped by the narratives that unfold in the programme (this would be due to the nature of the documentary)

Due to this, we will need to fit our documentary into a suitable time slot without affecting other programmes (e.g. the news). Due to this, Joe and I have decided to place it within a time slot of 3pm.



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