Ancillary 2: Mock Up Ideas


In order to create a successful newspaper advert that suggests what happens within the documentary and draws an audience in, I have started to produce 4 different basic mock ups to adapt or change to give me a foundation platform to go upon when starting to film my final piece.

Idea One:


This idea mainly consists of a basic handshake from the older generation vs the younger generation, this can be seen within the photo clearly as you are able to see it completely visually. I would like to do this idea because it is very basic yet says a lot about the documentary as well as has the connotations of family and connection.

Idea Two:


This idea is based upon the 3 interviewees that are involved in the documentary- the grandparent, the child and the dad. As the 3 generations shows exactly what the documentary is about and the way in which they all connect. Again, having connotations of family and connection that will withdraw an audience that connects.

Idea Three:



This idea is a black silhouette of 5 different characters- again showing the 3 generations (the grandma, the granddad, the dad, the mum and the child). Although this idea is particularly similar to the last, the difference in location will have a significant affect on the way in which the audience is able to be withdrawn into the documentary. For this one I have decided to place the characters within a natural setting, of a sunset. As this focuses on beauty, I believe this will give a more sentimental view on the documentary as it screams ‘family’.

Idea Four:


The last idea I have is the most conventional. This is where the photo shows and allows the stereotypes of an older age, objects like Cake, Tea and Newspaper. This suggests that the documentary picks upon the emotions of care, as well as suggesting typical British culture that many brits are able to connect too.

Here is a slight mood board on the images I have found that are similar to the ones I would like to create:

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