Planning: Self Composed Music Ideas

The idea

In order to grab the best grade I possibly can, Joe and I have decided to take it upon ourselves to create our own music for the documentary. When researching documentaries, I noticed that all the music used had a very nostalgic feel and created a tone for the documentaries content. However, I found that due to the minor tone music used, it felt like all directors tried using the music to make viewers feel bad for whatever the documentary was about.

I personally would like the music for our documentary to be completely unconventional, my main idea behind it was that it used major and minor key to our advantages. The music piece that  we want to create is something that anybody would listen to without it behind a documentary, but setting a nice, calm tone to go along the documentary.

In order to create this to be best of our ability we will need a team. Without further ado, meet the team:


Meet Chris

JOB: Guitar and Cajon player


Meet Joe

JOB: Recording

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.00.04 pm.png

Meet Amy

JOB: Software director and creator of music


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