Planning: Short Evaluation Of Test Shots

As for planning with our test shots, we have done a variety of different tests for us to identify any problems that we may face when filming our documentary. Here are a link to all the blog posts that we have done test shots for:

Test shot 1: click here

Test shot 2: click here

Test shot 3: click here

Mic test: click here

Lighting test: click here

Short Evaluation


Overall, I would say that our test shots when particularly well. I think that Joe and I succeed in terms of the camera, setting up the best shots for the context of the documentary and changing the lighting to fit what we are filming. Mostly, we have filmed mid shots and close ups which is a shot particularly found in all documentaries at some point. In terms of the way we have used the camera and certain areas of lighting, I believe that is one factor we will not struggle with when filming our final product.

Lighting is one aspect that needs to be perfect when filming our final, we have tried a variety of different distances when filming a typical close up to show which positioning would be best. Personally, I loved the lighting in test shot number 3, this shot was fully lit showing both I and Davies’ clothing, facial features and some of the surroundings behind us.

I would argue that the aspect we need to improve most upon is the microphone and sound. Although Joe and I already have ideas of the background music, the mic is the most important factor within the whole documentary as what they’re saying is the most reflective. One way that Joe and I can improve upon this is do another test mic shot to see which mic (other than the handheld) is best fit for our documentary. But also, when filming our final, start using a laptop to upload our footage too so we can use the quality. This is defiantly one aspect that we need to improved upon to get top marks.


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