Planning: Test Shot 3

The initial idea behind this set of test shots was to change the lighting and positioning of the camera to see the difference it would make. As well as having Joe’s (the camera man) input every now and then giving the differences and/or conflict in a documentary.

Camera: Joe

Lighting: Amy

Microphone: Joe

So without further ado, here is our test shot number 3:


What went well?

  • Lighting- in comparison to the first and second test shots, the positioning of lighting is a lot better here as you can clearly see the two interviewees. 
  • On going conversation- the topic prompts created a conversation that you can talk a lot about
  • Positioning of camera- I like the fact you are able to see 1/2 our bodies so you are able to see any body language used

What can we improve upon?

  • Again- microphone sound. It is again very grainy on the background. To avoid this next time, Joe and I will have too take more than 1 type of mic and when editing, decide which one is best to use. As well as take a laptop with us so we can go over the footage every single time we film to see the quality. 
  • Introduce the cameraman to the documentary- as you can barely hear Joe as the mic is next to myself and Davies



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