Planning: Music Mock Up

In terms of music, we have chosen to do a self composed piece that insures we fit the right music to the style of the documentary. For this, we have chosen a guitar being our strong main instrument as we have learnt that from analysing documentary music, its typically guitar, therefore we have chosen this to go against the normal conventions

Mock Up

Short Analysis

What went well

  • The elongated keys at the start, it builds up the tension quite well
  • The music can be used in a major or minor key way
  • The key changes can create a emotional response of happy or sad depending on the dialogue we put on top of it
  • Unconventional
  • Presents several tones that we can play around with editing and depending on what is said
  • The music is like a few within a different track within one track

Even better if

  • Getting rid of background noise
  • Recording the music precisely
  • Using a mic and proper recording system rather than a phone recording- again, the better the quality, the more our documentary seems professional