Main Task: Filming Day

23rd November 2016

Photos from the day


Setting up

As seen in the photo, we had set up both cameras within the first setting- this is where we intended to film Brenda as it has exceptional lighting and the setting could be used to our advantage. We decided to use one camera facing Brenda and one camera slightly to the right to catch her facial expressions and body language.

In order to set up successfully, Joe and I started off by scouting the locations we had and picked out what was best to focus upon, this is where and how we decided our first few shots. I used Joe to figure out the height of the chair and the type of angle we needed to film at as we really quickly figured out that both Brenda and Joe was similar heights.

After we did this, we put Brenda into the chair and look a few photos (which will be posted at a later date) to show how well lit, focused and positioning really was. We was absolutely determined to make this documentary a success.


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Both Joe and I filmed separately using the different cameras, we decided to film everything twice in order to pick out which shots worked best and to evaluate our work as we go along, uploading it to a laptop to check out the focus of camera, the sound and whether the shots worked or not.


For our second location, we used George. In order to create this documentary we wanted to use different locations around their home to create a homely feel and this (in our opinions) worked really well. Here you can see us setting up the camera shot ready to film George before we had even got the lighting and mic’s ready.


Here again you are able to see the set up that we used on Brenda, again using 2 cameras. We had chosen to use the lighting towards the right of her, this is due to the location already being well lit but we did want the camera to pick up on her facial features therefore the lighting was used to it bring out. Although in this photo we are not holding the mic, we used a handheld rode mic (as seen laying on the chair) which was held up just above her, the attached mic (as seen in the photo) as well as the iPhone that is placed just behind her.

Joe and I made sure that after every question, we’d go through the footage and mic’s to make sure that we didn’t need to re-film any parts. I personally think were really successful whilst doing this as we made sure everything was perfect and picked out any faults straight away.


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