Ancillary Photoshoot

Here we have some photos I had taken throughout the filming day to use within my ancillary. Although I haven’t yet decided which ones I like best, I thought writing a blog post on what my key ideas would be if I used that specific photo would give me the knowledge to which ones work best.


Photo One

Within the documentary, this is an actual shot that we are using as a cut away in order for the viewers to see Brenda and George as little kids. I would use this specific shot on ancillary 2 as it would not only work well in terms of advertising my documentary but could be used as a way of inviting the viewers to know what the documentary is actually about.


Photos Two and Three

So far these images are my favourite as it really captures a loving and emotive feel which is something I really wanted to grasp when filming the documentary. These are shot in a beautiful location in their garden and would work extremely well for both ancillary projects.


Photo Four

If I decided to advertise just Brenda as the face of the documentary, this would be the perfect image to do it. Again, it is a shot that would fit perfectly when advertising the documentary as it is a shot within our project, but would however work well as capturing the beauty of the elderly.


Photo Five

I like this photo as the background props work well with the name of our documentary ‘passage of time’. Here you are able to see a clock, which straight away works well alongside the time aspect that we are going for. The way George is standing and his body language suggests comfort in his own home. But yet again concentrates on the beauty of the elderly.


Photo Six

This idea was very ‘on the spot’. Again I liked having the ancient clock in the background as it works well with the title of our documentary (which again is great for advertising), but also the hand suggests the fragment of the elderly. I like how simple yet affective this is too.


Photo Seven

This is the photo seen within the first photo. Although this was more Joe’s ancillary photo rather than mine, I love the way in which the hand is placed over the photo, suggesting a reminisce about her childhood. Again, works extremely well when advertising our documentary. The use of the black and white photo suggests age, which is the main focus of our whole documentary and I therefore think that this idea would work well.


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