Main Task: Opening Scene Mock Up 1

Here is our first cut of our opening sequence, as the opening scene is so important as it is the area in which the audience either switch the channel or stay invested, Joe and I have chosen to do a variety of different edits and grab audience feedback on them and see which ones work the best. In order to create the perfect beginning cut. For this, I grabbed a group within our target audience, being non-media students so that they wouldn’t give me a biased opinion towards the documentary and gave them the opportunity to share their opinions on what went well and how we could improve.

The feedback

Lewis- The beginning shot is highly effective, it grips my attention as it is very engaging as the colours work alongside the transitions. There are some very smooth transitions between each shot that work well alongside the non-diegetic sound”

“To improve you need show what the granddad is actually looking at when looking around the garden and the need for the shot”

Lucy- “The music is very effective as it sets the tone entirely. It also fits very well alongside all the individual shot types- such as the close up on the granddads face.

“In order to improve you need to add more some shots so the audience can get a better idea of what the documentary is about before going into the speech”

Zoe- “I liked the first shot as it sets up the whole scene very well, I particularly like the steady pan as the lighting is perfect and makes you feel very nostalgic towards the scene.

“To improve I think you also need to add more shots that are relevant and reflect the documentary without even watching it.”


So from the target audience’s opinions, I believe that the first shot and the shot of George looking around was very affective therefore I will need to keep those in. They all mentions that the shots set the scene well and work well alongside the feel we are trying to create. However in order for us to improve, they all think we need to add more shots that introduce the audience to documentary themes slightly more.



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