Ancillary 1: Final Mock Ups

PLEASE NOTE: I used the programme ‘In-design’ in order to create all my double page spreads to make them more realistic.

Mock Up One

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.39.16.png

My first mock up involves a magazine double page spread that is mainly based upon Joe and my ideas behind the documentary and works as a sort of production log overview. For this specific idea, I have taken inspiration from a documentary double page spread about ‘Made in Brum’, which will appear below:


From this, I have taken the conventions and sign it has and used it in order to appeal to my documentary. Although I love the idea behind this mock up, as it is visually clear and focuses on the documentary well, there is a lot in order to be improved upon if I was going to take this idea and produce it into my final.


  • Placement of the text//size of text- in an conventional magazine double page spread, the text lines up completely going from left to right in the same text format.
  • Include a second column- the more information the better
  • Change the text subject matter- I wouldn’t write as informally and would focus on my documentary more.
  • The gaps between the text- the shapes between each paragraph are one of the biggest downfalls within my cover.

However overall, I really like the idea of this ancillary and it most definitely has the conventional features of a documentary film poster, I just need to improve it significantly.

Mock Up Two

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.42.39.png

For my second mock up, I have places a lot of information using a the end of the image as the line of the double page spread. I really don’t like this mock up as I feel it is extremely unconventional as well as presenting way too much information on a page, which will scare away anybody looking or flicking through the magazine.


  • Over all structure- it feels very overcrowded and would not bring in an audience as they will simply not want to read it.
  • Amount of text- again it will put people off reading it.
  • Colour choice- not pleasing to the eye.
  • Context- although the content of the writing is more up to standard than my other mock ups, it feels as if I am almost waffling therefore would put an audience off reading it.

I do however really like my images that I have chosen to use as they work as a foreshadow on the main documentary themes of time and relationships. If I was to choose this ancillary poster, I would have to make a lot of improvements in order to make it acceptable to the standards I would like it.

Mock Up 3

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 9.33.21 pm.png

My third mock up idea is based around the idea of simplicity. I feel as both my mock ups so far have been eye-catching yet an overcrowding of information therefore this one I thought I would make completely different. For this specific idea, I have taken inspiration from a documentary double page spread about ‘The safety in numbers’ which uses a fair amount of basic colour in order to create their poster. Here is the poster:



  • Lack of colour- in order to withdraw more of a young adults within magazines
  • Place the channel 4 logo
  • More information – this needs to be placed about the documentary rather than the directors ideas behind it all
  • Spacing- the spacing on the second column (the last sentence) has too much of a gap which was my mistake entirely when editing.

Despite this, I really like the simplistic look as it is very affective to the eye and is something I personally would enjoy seeing in a magazine.

Mock Up 4

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.18.24 pm.png

My forth and final mock up idea is based around the idea of a ‘behind the scenes’. Although my inspiration for this was a TV series, I feel as if this would word extremely well in order to advertise that my documentary was coming soon on channel 4. The Dr. Who double page spread uses colour, text and many photos in order to be informative to the audience and I have therefore tried to do the same but in a documentary style rather than TV. double-page-spread-research-1-728.jpg


  • Content of text- In my final I would like too create something more of a conventional writing style rather than based upon an interview
  • The space between the ‘behind the scenes’ – this makes the overall double page spread less professional
  • Professional director photo- would need this if I do decide to create a interview based upon myself
  • Change of photos- the images are all very similar

Despite this, I love how this look visually as I believe there isn’t too much text therefore it is readable when placed within a magazine. Of course again, if i was going to use this for my double stage spread then I would need to make a variety of improvements.


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