Ancillary 2: Channel 4 Advertisment Final Edit

As seen in my mock ups, I had produced this ancillary photo. As I really liked it and couldn’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t fit the conventions of an channel 4 documentary poster, I have picked this as my final.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 09.58.12.png

EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 600D camera, photoshop and picmonkey

In order to make this as visually acceptable as possible, I have used plenty of channel 4 conventions as I could:

  1. In this final
    I have used to colour ‘Pantoscreen-shot-2017-01-10-at-6-50-07-pmne 534’ which is a deep blue colour in order to make this mock up more professional to the channel 4 standards. I particularly like the fact that there are such a range of blues within this photo so I believe it works really well as well as being eye-catching.
  2.  I have also tried to use the idea of the channel 4 logo being based within the right hand corner of the photo which I have found out during my research in the making of these ancillaries. I think that this also works well as the use of George’s jumper against the white logo makes it clear and visually pleasing.
  3. The photo I have picked has connotational meaning behind it rather than giving the whole subject of the documentary away. For example; the vintage clock states a metaphor of time passing by. The use of an elderly hand suggests the documentary is based around an older aged subject matter.
  4. I have used a background blur on the edges of this photo so that the hand stands out more to the audience- again, making the photo eye catching and easy to visualise.

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