Ancillary 1: Double Page Spread Final

Here you are able to see the final on my double page spread. The main idea behind this was simplicity which from my research, I found out isn’t used much when trying to promote documentaries on a double page spread within a magazine. I tried to use black and white in order to show innocence and purity which would reflect to the emotional affects that are involved in the documentary.



MADE WITH: Adobe Indesign

I chose the image of a Brenda and George laughing in order go create an nostalgic feel towards the narrative of the documentary as many would look at this image and think that the couple are happy, positive and friendly, drawing in an audience. In terms of the text for the double page spread, I have chosen to do an interview behind my ideas and overall inspirations on the documentary and what the metaphor is behind it.

In terms of the inspiration behind this double page spread, when researching I foundskmbt_c36414022417280_0001.jpg this magazine double page spread from the documentary ‘safety in numbers’. When researching this, I loved how simplistic yet affective this was and therefore I chose to use this as a guideline when making my own.

However, I changed this to fit the conventions behind my documentary rather than theirs.

In conclusion, I am really happy with this and think that it works really well when advertising our documentary as it is very unconventional yet works extremely well.


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