Ancillary 2: Audience Feedback

Feedback comments:

Ronan: “I really like the way this follows the guidelines well for the channel 4 advertisements, I would have honestly thought that this was a real one! I really like the blue colours you’ve used, its very eye catching”

“I would say possible use the face of George and Brenda so that audiences can recognise the interviewees’ more”

Izzie: “I really like the way this honestly can relate so well to the real media channel 4 posters, I really like the colour of the blue used and I especially like the way you have not given much aeay but have through metaphors”

“You could possibly do better in this by possibly using different text or using a catchier tagline?”

Shae: “I like the way that the poster is looked at, its really nice to stare at as the photo is very clear and every detail is presented so nicely. I like the range of blues in the photo and I like how they all combine together”

“I would say that without knowing what this documentary is about or understanding the metaphor of that image that it might not grab an audience as much as you’d hope it would so you need a strong tagline to do that for you”


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