Ancillary 1: Audience Feedback

In order to give myself an idea of what went well and what could go better if I was to do this ancillary again, I asked a few people to comment on both ancillaries:

Here are the comments I got:

Frank: “I like the simplicity of the documentary double page spread, the use of the black and white colours worked really well with relation to the image, it is very easy to look at. I also like the structure of the spread and the image chosen”

“I believe that the only thing you could improve upon in the documentary double page spread is that maybe it is too simplistic? It would only fit within a certain magazine rather than any, if you needed publicity on it, I don’t think it would do it justice”

Charlotte: “I really like how you have picked a cute image to use for this double page spread, with relation to how simplistic the page is, it works well as it is the first thing that you stare at when first coming across the page”

“The only aspect I would say to improve on is the amount of text on the page, despite the fact that it is an interview, I would have tried to sell your product a lot more than you did”

Arnold: “I like how basic this double page spread is, it is very easy to over do it and over sell the documentary. After viewing your documentary, I believe that your running theme of basic perfection is shown throughout your final product and this ancillary, so it therefore relates back very nicely”

“I would say that possibly you could add more images and information in however, it is very basic which is great but it might be too basic that people skip past it when flicking through its magazine”



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