Production Log: Advance Planning- Cutaways

In order to make this documentary visually successful, we had to film a variety of cutaways to work alongside the speech so that it keeps the audience interested. Below you can find a few lists of our cut aways within our sequence (this is not including the opening sequence)

Sequence One- Cutaways

  1. Kids playing in a park
  2. Playing rounders and hop scotch
  3. Looking out the window- nan
  4. Laughing children
  5. Basic food- like beans or meat
  6. Happy children- smiling or playing
  7. Christmas tree with presents

Sequence Two- Cutaways

  1. Frame with the photo of them both as children
  2. Brenda in a photo with mother
  3. Shot with a street name or visual street
  4. Laughing- Brenda and George
  5. George laughing- featuring the cat
  6. Old photo with the children

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