Final: Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback 1


When creating the questionnaire, Joe and I wanted to produce open questions for people to comment detailed responses of what they think about it. This questionnaire has been passed out to those in which take an interest in media and film and therefore know what they are looking out for:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.09.20 am.png

The responses

  • 6 people
  • 3 male, 3 female
  • Those interested in Media and Film



Short Evaluation

Overall, from the audience feedback we have gathered, we seem to have done well in focusing the documentary on a subject that isn’t typically touched upon- a positive representation of the elderly. This is proven by many of the respondents commenting on how Brenda lives a positive and regret-free life that makes them personally feel nostalgic and calming. 

In terms of the music feedback, a lot of the respondence were happy to see a change in tone and key throughout the piece as it made the documentary as a whole come across as calming and natural, which is similar to the representation they saw of Brenda. 

Some improvements that were suggested were mainly to do with the amount of shots added in within the whole documentary, meaning we possibly needed to add in more cutaways, or more shots to set the documentary up at the beginning. Or they suggested that we needed to lower the camera level down when filming Brenda, so that the camera is eye level with her, this therefore would make the documentary more personal to the audience as it feels as if you’re in conversation with her.

If i was to do this whole documentary again I will pick up onto what my feedback has taught me and change significant aspects that would make the audience have a better understanding of the documentary as a whole- e.g. make the theme of the documentary a lot clearer in the outset and throughout. One big change I would make if I was to re-do the documentary would be placing the mid-close ups at an eye level angle to Brenda as I agree this would make the audience feel more inclosed and involved in the documentary rather than seeing the setting behind her as it would therefore be viewed as a higher quality documentary.


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