Ancillary 2: Audience Feedback

Feedback comments:

Ronan: “I really like the way this follows the guidelines well for the channel 4 advertisements, I would have honestly thought that this was a real one! I really like the blue colours you’ve used, its very eye catching”

“I would say possible use the face of George and Brenda so that audiences can recognise the interviewees’ more”

Izzie: “I really like the way this honestly can relate so well to the real media channel 4 posters, I really like the colour of the blue used and I especially like the way you have not given much aeay but have through metaphors”

“You could possibly do better in this by possibly using different text or using a catchier tagline?”

Shae: “I like the way that the poster is looked at, its really nice to stare at as the photo is very clear and every detail is presented so nicely. I like the range of blues in the photo and I like how they all combine together”

“I would say that without knowing what this documentary is about or understanding the metaphor of that image that it might not grab an audience as much as you’d hope it would so you need a strong tagline to do that for you”


Ancillary 2: Channel 4 Advertisment Final Edit

As seen in my mock ups, I had produced this ancillary photo. As I really liked it and couldn’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t fit the conventions of an channel 4 documentary poster, I have picked this as my final.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 09.58.12.png

EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 600D camera, photoshop and picmonkey

In order to make this as visually acceptable as possible, I have used plenty of channel 4 conventions as I could:

  1. In this final
    I have used to colour ‘Pantoscreen-shot-2017-01-10-at-6-50-07-pmne 534’ which is a deep blue colour in order to make this mock up more professional to the channel 4 standards. I particularly like the fact that there are such a range of blues within this photo so I believe it works really well as well as being eye-catching.
  2.  I have also tried to use the idea of the channel 4 logo being based within the right hand corner of the photo which I have found out during my research in the making of these ancillaries. I think that this also works well as the use of George’s jumper against the white logo makes it clear and visually pleasing.
  3. The photo I have picked has connotational meaning behind it rather than giving the whole subject of the documentary away. For example; the vintage clock states a metaphor of time passing by. The use of an elderly hand suggests the documentary is based around an older aged subject matter.
  4. I have used a background blur on the edges of this photo so that the hand stands out more to the audience- again, making the photo eye catching and easy to visualise.

Ancillary 2: Tag Line Explaination

‘A new reality’

The main reason to why I decided to use this as my tagline for the documentary is mainly because I think the documentary makes you think and revaluate your life in comparison to Brenda’s. For instance; throughout the documentary Brenda explains that ‘she didn’t have iPads, computers and phones’, that everything was very much practical and outside. Even directing this, this made me think about how much time I waste on social media, on my phone, inverted into an almost viral world.

Therefore the tagline is the result I want after somebody watches the documentary, I want the audience to live a new reality, to go outside, to not let life pass them by. But mainly to live a positive, regret-free life that Brenda explains she has within the documentary.

Ancillary 2: Final Mock Ups

PLEASE NOTE: All mocks up were made using Pic Monkey and Photoshop. Also due to the C4 font not being available anywhere to download or use as it is original to channel 4, I have tried to use any font that looks visually the same.

First Mock Up

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.25.55 pm.png

Although this Mock Up is very basic, I love how unconventional this first mock up is. During my research on my ancillary documentary posters, you can see that the colour scheme I used is very unusual- here I used a gold to symbolise a slight imagery of age and old yet delicate. And the use of the write writing is to grab views attention when flicking through the posters.

Second Mock Up

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.26.53 pm.png

Again, this mock is very basic. Here I have placed the channel 4 logo within the right hand corner of tinsomnia-ad.pnghe screen, as you can see in the photo below, you can see that this is very typical when looking at newspaper advertisements of documentaries.

The main analysis that can be done for this mock up is again the use of golden text- resembling age and the passing of time.  The use of this creates an eye-catching feel and goes well along with the clothing being worn within the image.

Third Mock Up

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.45.26 pm.png

With this mock up I have tried to use the same colour of the clock as the box around the title. For this one in particular I have used another film poster that I have found when Disarming_B.pngresearching my ancillaries in order to create this. This is where they have placed the website link below the title and used a certain font in order to make this seem realistic. I particularly like the simplicity of this photo as it says a lot about the documentary with minor details- the name ‘Passage Of Time’ is
shown through the metaphor of a vintage clock.

Forth Mock Up

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 6.48.09 pm.png

Here is my final mock up. Again all my mock ups are very simplistic as that is genuinely the type that channel 4 like to go upon. However, despite all of my mock ups looking fairly similar with this one I tried to use a few of the conventions of a channel 4 poster in order to make this realistic.Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 6.50.07 pm.png

In this one I have used to colour ‘Pantone 534’ which is a deep blue colour in order to make this mock up more professional to the channel 4 standards. I particularly like the fact that there are such a range of blues within this photo so I believe it works really well.

I have also tried to use the idea of the channel 4 logo being based within the right hand corner of the photo. I think that this also works well as the use of George’s jumper against the white logo makes it clear and visually pleasing.

Ancillary Photoshoot

Here we have some photos I had taken throughout the filming day to use within my ancillary. Although I haven’t yet decided which ones I like best, I thought writing a blog post on what my key ideas would be if I used that specific photo would give me the knowledge to which ones work best.


Photo One

Within the documentary, this is an actual shot that we are using as a cut away in order for the viewers to see Brenda and George as little kids. I would use this specific shot on ancillary 2 as it would not only work well in terms of advertising my documentary but could be used as a way of inviting the viewers to know what the documentary is actually about.


Photos Two and Three

So far these images are my favourite as it really captures a loving and emotive feel which is something I really wanted to grasp when filming the documentary. These are shot in a beautiful location in their garden and would work extremely well for both ancillary projects.


Photo Four

If I decided to advertise just Brenda as the face of the documentary, this would be the perfect image to do it. Again, it is a shot that would fit perfectly when advertising the documentary as it is a shot within our project, but would however work well as capturing the beauty of the elderly.


Photo Five

I like this photo as the background props work well with the name of our documentary ‘passage of time’. Here you are able to see a clock, which straight away works well alongside the time aspect that we are going for. The way George is standing and his body language suggests comfort in his own home. But yet again concentrates on the beauty of the elderly.


Photo Six

This idea was very ‘on the spot’. Again I liked having the ancient clock in the background as it works well with the title of our documentary (which again is great for advertising), but also the hand suggests the fragment of the elderly. I like how simple yet affective this is too.


Photo Seven

This is the photo seen within the first photo. Although this was more Joe’s ancillary photo rather than mine, I love the way in which the hand is placed over the photo, suggesting a reminisce about her childhood. Again, works extremely well when advertising our documentary. The use of the black and white photo suggests age, which is the main focus of our whole documentary and I therefore think that this idea would work well.

Ancillary 2: Mock Up Ideas


In order to create a successful newspaper advert that suggests what happens within the documentary and draws an audience in, I have started to produce 4 different basic mock ups to adapt or change to give me a foundation platform to go upon when starting to film my final piece.

Idea One:


This idea mainly consists of a basic handshake from the older generation vs the younger generation, this can be seen within the photo clearly as you are able to see it completely visually. I would like to do this idea because it is very basic yet says a lot about the documentary as well as has the connotations of family and connection.

Idea Two:


This idea is based upon the 3 interviewees that are involved in the documentary- the grandparent, the child and the dad. As the 3 generations shows exactly what the documentary is about and the way in which they all connect. Again, having connotations of family and connection that will withdraw an audience that connects.

Idea Three:



This idea is a black silhouette of 5 different characters- again showing the 3 generations (the grandma, the granddad, the dad, the mum and the child). Although this idea is particularly similar to the last, the difference in location will have a significant affect on the way in which the audience is able to be withdrawn into the documentary. For this one I have decided to place the characters within a natural setting, of a sunset. As this focuses on beauty, I believe this will give a more sentimental view on the documentary as it screams ‘family’.

Idea Four:


The last idea I have is the most conventional. This is where the photo shows and allows the stereotypes of an older age, objects like Cake, Tea and Newspaper. This suggests that the documentary picks upon the emotions of care, as well as suggesting typical British culture that many brits are able to connect too.

Here is a slight mood board on the images I have found that are similar to the ones I would like to create:

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