A2 Coursework Proposal

An extract from an original documentary TV programme, lasting approximately five minutes, together with two of the following three options:

  • A radio trailer for the documentary;
  • A double page spread from a listings magazine focused on the documentary
  • A newspaper advertisement for the documentary.

Above I have highlighted the ancillaries in which I will be doing for my coursework this year. I have chosen these as I have experience in photoshop from my GCSE Media work and think that this is the best way I am able to gain marks.

Why have you chosen this brief?


I plan to work with Joe Courtney, there is a few reasons to why I have chosen to work with him. Firstly, we worked alongside each other throughout GCSE Media, including our coursework finals in which helped me achieve 4 A*s in my GCSEs. We worked particularly well together as we had chosen to do a different syllabus than anybody else within Hazelwick; in which we did an advertising campaign for a water bottle we designed called Aqua. Which was fairly successful however we have developed our skills from A Level and think we can improve massively together.

Secondly, me and Joe work really well together as our strengths compliment each other, for example; Joe’s strengths are planning and the theory side of this coursework. Whereas I specialise in cinematography, directing and sound design as they are the parts of a media production I feel I am most fluent in, and is where I seemed to be most creative in previous productions done at GCSE and A Level.


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 15.00.46

What resources do you need for you main and ancillary tasks?

  • Camera -Canon 1100D)
  • Mic- Road Mic
  • Boom stick
  • Tripod

What problems might you encounter?

There are several problems that we may face throughout my coursework, firstly refusal of entry to those we are filming. Especially as this is a tabboo topic, the elderly that we are filming may not agree with what we are doing. Another problem that we may face is location; depending on whom we are filming, there is quite a huge difference in location from my grandparents (Haywards Heath) and Joe’s (Croydon).

What is the aim of your project?

The aim for my project is raise awareness to those who take elderly for granted and/or those who do not see the social difference between elderly and young people. It is also to raise awareness of ageism so that more people are able to understand the troubles that the elderly face and try to stop the ones that are popular for teenagers to do.

What do you plan to achieve 0ver the summer holiday and how will you meet this aim?

I plan to have all my research and planning done in the summer holidays. I plan to spend my first 2 weeks of summer, gathering together a variety of different documentary ideas that have already been made and create a sort of mood board blogpost in order to gather the best information to use as an inspiration for my documentary.