Production Log: Audience Feedback Plan

Idea’s for collecting audience feedback:

  • Questionnaire
  • Video blog- get each person to video themselves watching it without me around saying what they like and what they don’t
  • Mini essay
  • Videoing them watching it and their feedback

Age range for feedback:

  • Teens (media class//friends)
  • Middle age (my parents)
  • Elderly (Brenda and George)

Production Log: Editing Cutaways

Colour correction:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.48.56 pm.png

Here you can see myself and Joe trying to find the perfect filter to use on cutaways to make them look vintage.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.06.23 pm.png

Here I have focused on the use of filters and colour matching in order to make the newly filmed cutaways look old by matching a photograph taken of my family as kids (1970s this photo was taken). I did this as I believe that it makes the visuals look more realistic and professional as it matches and isn’t switching from colour to colour.

Personal family images added in:

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Final cutaways placed:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.08.54 pm.png

Here is all of the cutaways finally placed within the sections we put placeholders in, we used a range of videos and personal photos to break up the documentary so it is not just  a ‘talking head’.

Production Log: Last Few Cutaways

During the editing process, Joe and I quickly came to the realisation that we missed a lot of cutaways out, we had to ensure we did this before finalising the documentary as finished as otherwise it would be consistent talking heads, therefore we came up with some idea’s that we needed to film.



  • Kids playing in a park
  • Playing rounders and hop scotch
  • Pan of looking out a window
  • Laughing children- brooke?
  • Basic food- like beans or meat (film a Tesco shelf)
  • Happy children- smiling or playing
  • Christmas tree with presents

Production Log: Advance Planning- Cutaways

In order to make this documentary visually successful, we had to film a variety of cutaways to work alongside the speech so that it keeps the audience interested. Below you can find a few lists of our cut aways within our sequence (this is not including the opening sequence)

Sequence One- Cutaways

  1. Kids playing in a park
  2. Playing rounders and hop scotch
  3. Looking out the window- nan
  4. Laughing children
  5. Basic food- like beans or meat
  6. Happy children- smiling or playing
  7. Christmas tree with presents

Sequence Two- Cutaways

  1. Frame with the photo of them both as children
  2. Brenda in a photo with mother
  3. Shot with a street name or visual street
  4. Laughing- Brenda and George
  5. George laughing- featuring the cat
  6. Old photo with the children

Production Log: The Editing Process

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 09.53.54.pngChildhood Scenes

The first sequence is mainly completed, however we have identified a lot of place holders are needed to make the documentary more engaging and somewhat dramatic. Here we have placed some placeholders over the switch of positioning in camera. We have made a list of the cutaways we need to film to make the documentary more visual.

Opening Scene

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.33.41.png

Here is our first cut of the opening scene. Since 12th of December we have changed this, however the main images have stayed in place. The opening image is the shot you can see above, we have used this in order to create a nostalgic yet relaxing feel to the opening of the documentary which works extremeley well when all placed together

12th December- since then I have edited the shots in time with our music, and got rid of the fade transitions between each shot as I feel as if it makes the documentary look fake. As well as when looking at a lot of documentaries, they haven’t used fades within their opening sequence.

Relationship Scene


Here is my first cut of the relationship scene, probably one of the most important scenes in order to create an nostalgic feel in the documentary. One of the cutaway images is the shot you can see above, we have used this in order to create a nostalgic feel to the documentary as we have placed them laughing over what Brenda is saying.